Victor Rangel-Ribeiro

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Anthology of Short Stories
Twenty-three authors write about Infidelity.
Winter Tales is a collection of poems, essays, and illustrations from professional writers and artists expressing their thoughts on the subject of aging. This is a bright book of life, not death which these wonderful (at times brilliant) artists have created.
Twenty-seven engaging stories from the heart of one of India's youngest states.
The journal addresses the literatures and cultures of the diverse communities of the Portuguese-speaking world in terms of critical and theoretical approaches.
Filled with tantalizing, lush detail and gentle humor, Tivolem is a captivating novel that transports readers to a unique and very memorable place and time.
12 stories that make one laugh and also tug at the heart strings.
Fiction, Musicology, Newspaper articles, Continuing columns, Short stories, Classical Music.

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The Serving House Book of Infidelity

Winter Tales
Men Write about Aging

Ferry Crossing
Simply and lucidly told, the stories in Ferry Crossing reveal a Goa infinitely more human and complex than the stereotypical image of an enormous beach resort.

Goa, on the western coast of India, is an isolated area, a Portuguese colony. It is the blending of old-world Christian culture with traditional Indian society that makes life in Tivolem, a village in Goa, so unique. Connected to the outside world only by occasional travelers, static filled radio broadcasts, and the journeys abroad of select residents, Tivolem remains an island, untouched - but not unchanged - by the threat of war in Europe and the rise of Gandhi in India.

Against this rich backdrop, Rangel-Ribeiro focuses on young Marie Santana who finds sanctuary in the quiet daily life of Tivolem after her family moved abroad many years earlier. Returning home from the heartbreak and betrayal inflicted by her former fiance, Marie-Santana finds Tivolem filled with eccentric personalities and a multitude of unexpected adventures.

Loving Ayesha
The 12 stories in Loving Ayesha transport a reader back and forth from the villages and towns of India's west coast to life in the concrete canyons of New York. The heros and heroines are flesh and blood characters such as we meet in our daily lives; the odds are stacked against them as we so often find them stacked against us.

There are stories that make one laugh, and stories that tug at the heart strings.


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Articles, editorials and music criticism in the Indian Press in Bombay, Goa, and Calcutta. Interviews in India Today. Music criticism in the