Victor Rangel-Ribeiro

Selected Works

Anthology of Short Stories
Twenty-three authors write about Infidelity.
Winter Tales is a collection of poems, essays, and illustrations from professional writers and artists expressing their thoughts on the subject of aging. This is a bright book of life, not death which these wonderful (at times brilliant) artists have created.
Twenty-seven engaging stories from the heart of one of India's youngest states.
The journal addresses the literatures and cultures of the diverse communities of the Portuguese-speaking world in terms of critical and theoretical approaches.
Filled with tantalizing, lush detail and gentle humor, Tivolem is a captivating novel that transports readers to a unique and very memorable place and time.
12 stories that make one laugh and also tug at the heart strings.
Fiction, Musicology, Newspaper articles, Continuing columns, Short stories, Classical Music.

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